February 01, 2012

Warung "Waru Doyong"

Small shops are under the hibiscus tree this may seem simple, located in East Surabaya Tenggilis Timur Dalam street, this place is somewhat hard to find because the access road into the residential neighborhood

January 31, 2012

About CDH

Hi Lovers of Classic Disco and Classic House Music ...

There is the question, why is this blog called Classic Disco House (maybe it sounds a little strange and uncomfortable in the ear) but I say that only the title of this that springs to mind when I think of the media to disco music and house music

My desire is simply just want the songs and disco lovers can reminisce with songs that are on this blog, why nostalgia ...?? Yes, because disco and house tracks on this blog is well-known songs on the dance floor in the 90s

For that, for connoisseurs of disco and house please to express on this blog, at least sign the guest book and comment so that I stay and more passion to give something to the good old and sparkling days...

Best Regard Classic Disco House

Stereo Headphone

Stereo Headphone

Stereo headphones are absolutely necessary for the purposes Djying because its function is to monitor the process of merging the song and determine the right beat for the song to be mixed, and a pair of USB Sound Card
Without the stereo headphones of a DJ will have difficulty in determining the alignment of the songs will be mixed.
Stereo headphones are relatively affordable price and is in accordance with the profile DJs who need more functionality than style
Stereo Headhone price is Rp. 40.000, - per unit (not including postage) and if you order more than 5 units then there will be a special price for you

3D USB SOUND for Virtual DJ

Hii friends, at this online store you can get the goods that relate to DJying and also items you might need daily
If you are interested with the items on display in this store then please contact setiyo at:
- +62 31 91034455 or +62 811 353453 open 24 hours (SMS) or email to sagus587@gmail.com

Sambel Bawang Mbah Djayus Malang

Hi CDH friends, this is my first post on page variety, this time I will write about one of the famous culinary in Malang, East Java, Indonesia .. his name is Sambel Onions & Tempe Penyet Djayus Mbah, how the coverage here goes ..

Virtual DJ

As someone who studied to be a DJ then, is obligatory for me to give a story about the experience, how to learn and techniques that may be useful for bloggers who want to become a DJ, whether it is bedroom DJ or party DJ is whatever it's called ...
On this page I only give to the DJ techniques and experience using software Virtual DJ, Virtual DJ why ..??? answered at the next post ...