February 01, 2012

Warung "Waru Doyong"

Small shops are under the hibiscus tree this may seem simple, located in East Surabaya Tenggilis Timur Dalam street, this place is somewhat hard to find because the access road into the residential neighborhood

 as if nothing special in the shop "Waru lean", but when she saw the menu dish tastes visitors will instantly rise because of its grain variety, namely:

- Fried chicken
- Curried crab
- Vegetable young jackfruit (a.k.a tewel)
- Wader fish (fish river)
- Chili paste
- Pete
- Bananas for dessert

And more special for the visitor is allowed to take as strong as the visitor is able to spend the rice and vegetables and side dishes are taken
If it is still strong for the visitors allowed to eat rice and side dishes again its
Regarding the price to be paid if there is not too expensive meal, a meal you have to pay Rp. 20.000, -

Nothing further report from the Public "Waru inclined" who continued to maintain and preserve the culture of Indonesia through its culinary offerings.

Regards culinary

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